sea foamCoral has always been one of my favourite ornamental decor pieces. It’s angular and irregular features add texture and impact to any display. I have picked up replica resin coral in Hawaii as they are some of the most realistic I’ve seen. Alas, I can’t just pop to Hawaii every time I want some more. Boo. So, when a friend found this piece of sea-foam in a  beach side car park, they rescued it and gave it to me. Time for a DIY makeover… Continue reading



Well it wasn’t quite a jungle, more like pockets of planting that didn’t give the garden any character or soul. If I wanted the garden to have time to establish a bit before the bbq season, I had to take time out from rescuing the house to get new plants in.

SONY DSCThe granny flat virtually faded into the 2nd storey of the house I back onto. I did a quick coat of dark grey on the weatherboard and white on the trims to create some depth and separate it out from the neighbours. Then, the first section of garden to tackle was the back left-hand side where the pavers met the very low old paling fence. It was stark and ugly.



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Aloha Inspiration

blue waters hawaiiIt’s no secret that I am obsessed with Hawaii. There’s something magical about its people, climate and landscape… and maybe a little about its shopping too!

I took this picture years ago from my hotel room looking down over Waikiki, Oahu. The colour of the water gets me every time. I often take pictures on holiday with a view to how they could work in my home. Continue reading