If you’ve ever attempted a semi-small renovation, you’ll understand when I say that it’s the final stages that seem to drag on forever. I think it’s because with demo work, the results are virtually instantaneous – here’s a wall and now it’s gone. But the fiddly bits don’t have such instant visual gratification for me and I really have to push through to see my vision come to life… Continue reading



As enticing as orange “Tang” floorboards are (not), I made the decision to go dark. Firstly the ancient carpets needed to be ripped up. It was dusty and stinky but that was the easy bit! On hands and knees I then had to yank out every single staple left behind in the boards. 

After doing this and much to my proud DIY-er disappointment, my move in deadline didn’t afford me the luxury of then sanding and staining the floors myself. 

Each and every nail in each and every floorboard needed to be hammered in below floor level and puttied before the sanding belt was even turned on.

It took master-sander Jack and his trusty team of two a full week to complete the five rooms and hallway. Continue reading