sea foamCoral has always been one of my favourite ornamental decor pieces. It’s angular and irregular features add texture and impact to any display. I have picked up replica resin coral in Hawaii as they are some of the most realistic I’ve seen. Alas, I can’t just pop to Hawaii every time I want some more. Boo. So, when a friend found this piece of sea-foam in a  beach side car park, they rescued it and gave it to me. Time for a DIY makeover… Continue reading


Aloha Inspiration

blue waters hawaiiIt’s no secret that I am obsessed with Hawaii. There’s something magical about its people, climate and landscape… and maybe a little about its shopping too!

I took this picture years ago from my hotel room looking down over Waikiki, Oahu. The colour of the water gets me every time. I often take pictures on holiday with a view to how they could work in my home. Continue reading