SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt’s the small things that matter and its sometimes the small things that take the longest to finish! The last time you saw this room it was settling into it’s newly painted “Ebb” blush walls. What wasn’t going to settle into this room was most of the dining room furniture from my apartment.

I had lovely square 8 seater dinner table and chairs that worked fabulously in the open plan unit but were not going to fit into this room. Well, it would, but nothing much else would have… (Disclaimer: ignore the rug!!) Continue reading



One of the first tasks to do before I moved in was get the floors sanded and stained. But before I could do that, I needed to remove any unwanted stud/partition (i.e. non-supporting/structural) walls so that the original floorboards underneath the wall could be exposed.

The previous owners had converted the original dining room into a third bedroom by installing a stud wall and door. This sat between the lounge and the kitchen… as most dining rooms do for a house this age.

The dark corridor created by the stud wall on the left.

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