original bathroom

Pretty in pink

Many moons ago, well six years ago to be exact, I attempted my very first bathroom update. It all stemmed from the fact the 1960s steel window in my unit needed to be replaced. It didn’t have a latch so swung freely in the breeze thus becoming a potential danger should it drop off its rusted hinges and fall onto someone below.

The Body Corporate arranged it’s replacement. Unfortunately, the man who undertook the work was a) like a bull in a China shop, and b) sleazy/creepy crawly. (Note to self – this is one time I wished a male friend was present). Continue reading



I love tiling. There I said it. I’m not afraid to admit it. This is the part of the reno that I enjoy… until it gets to the hard bits. The bathroom is small and does not get a lot of natural light so I decided to stick with lighter colours to reflect back as much light as possible. I had lusted after small grey hexagon marble tiles I had seen used in the States many moons ago but I just couldn’t afford them. (Check out my tile tip under Tips & Tricks!)

Instead I went completely off my own brief and chose what was a relatively new product back then – ceramic “floor boards” for the floors. This was in keeping with the relaxed beachy feel I was going for in the house.

Bathroom reno

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The bathroom was a shining example of 80s decor – peach tiles with gold accents. If you need a reminder of just how special it was, take a look here. In my [crazy] wisdom, I decided to renovate it just 3 weeks before Christmas. And it was my turn to host that year. Hmmm.

Aside from the fact it was just plain ugly, the wall tiles had also been used on the floor. Big no, no. Why? Because the wall tiles were designed to be just that – wall tiles. When the tiles on the floor got wet, they became extremely slippery (so I found out) and dangerous.  Continue reading