sea foamCoral has always been one of my favourite ornamental decor pieces. It’s angular and irregular features add texture and impact to any display. I have picked up replica resin coral in Hawaii as they are some of the most realistic I’ve seen. Alas, I can’t just pop to Hawaii every time I want some more. Boo. So, when a friend found this piece of sea-foam in a  beach side car park, they rescued it and gave it to me. Time for a DIY makeover… Continue reading


House FrontAfter freshening up the paint work and adding new wood trims, it was time to do something with the “drive”. The pavers, whilst serving their purpose perfectly, were too hectic and just not me. So they had to come up. Luckily, I had enough of the 40x40cm pavers I’d removed from the backyard to re-pave the area, with plenty to spare.

At this stage, it was about transforming without spending much money and those transplanted pavers (at a saving of around $9 each) did just that. In time, I’m sure I’ll update again. Continue reading


Linen cushions

I have a thing for cushions and am constantly buying/swapping/re-working them. It’s a costly addiction. So I decided to make my own and found it’s actually easier than I thought.  

And of course, if you change your mind and style of your lounge as much as I do, it can be much more cost-effective! Come on, dust off those Year 7, T&D skills…

(for those not of my vintage or schooling, T&D stands for Textiles & Design!)

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original bathroom

Pretty in pink

Many moons ago, well six years ago to be exact, I attempted my very first bathroom update. It all stemmed from the fact the 1960s steel window in my unit needed to be replaced. It didn’t have a latch so swung freely in the breeze thus becoming a potential danger should it drop off its rusted hinges and fall onto someone below.

The Body Corporate arranged it’s replacement. Unfortunately, the man who undertook the work was a) like a bull in a China shop, and b) sleazy/creepy crawly. (Note to self – this is one time I wished a male friend was present). Continue reading


house front

As I bought it.

Given it’s a Federation semi, there wasn’t a whole lot I could do to improve the facade without breaking the DIY bank. The original windows had been replaced with brassy olive thin aluminium windows. Who knows why. That in itself was the major sticking point for me. I really, really dislike them. Really.

They jar with the original character of the house and are just plain ugly. They take away some of it’s identity and charm.  Unfortunately, replacing them was going to be a [very] long-term project.

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Laundry door

The old laundry door – had to go!

The vestibule area was an unusable space. I had grand plans to eventually re-work this whole space so all I could try to do was lighten and brighten and make its usability more friendly. The previous owners had built a single bi-fold door for the laundry area that, would flap around should there be a window or door open. It was bulky and well, ugly don’t you think?!

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My Very Own Nandos


Doorway created in the original back wall of the house

Let me talk you through the back “lean-to”, or what became affectionately known as “nandos” due to the interesting tile choice. It was an odd area. You walked through what was the original back wall of the house and entered into a vestibule area. To the right was a make-shift door hiding the laundry and to the left was the entrance to the bathroom.

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Lounging About


Fireplace after hours of trying to strip back the stain

I wish. There was going to be no lounging about in this room. Where to start…. Well the fireplace. I’m not sure if the surround was original or not. It’s hard to tell but the woodwork is not symmetrical. Certainly I think the tiles and cast iron hearth were but the rest, I’m not too sure. Continue reading