House FrontAfter freshening up the paint work and adding new wood trims, it was time to do something with the “drive”. The pavers, whilst serving their purpose perfectly, were too hectic and just not me. So they had to come up. Luckily, I had enough of the 40x40cm pavers I’d removed from the backyard to re-pave the area, with plenty to spare.

At this stage, it was about transforming without spending much money and those transplanted pavers (at a saving of around $9 each) did just that. In time, I’m sure I’ll update again. Continue reading



house front

As I bought it.

Given it’s a Federation semi, there wasn’t a whole lot I could do to improve the facade without breaking the DIY bank. The original windows had been replaced with brassy olive thin aluminium windows. Who knows why. That in itself was the major sticking point for me. I really, really dislike them. Really.

They jar with the original character of the house and are just plain ugly. They take away some of it’s identity and charm.  Unfortunately, replacing them was going to be a [very] long-term project.

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