Laundry door

The old laundry door – had to go!

The vestibule area was an unusable space. I had grand plans to eventually re-work this whole space so all I could try to do was lighten and brighten and make its usability more friendly. The previous owners had built a single bi-fold door for the laundry area that, would flap around should there be a window or door open. It was bulky and well, ugly don’t you think?!

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My Very Own Nandos


Doorway created in the original back wall of the house

Let me talk you through the back “lean-to”, or what became affectionately known as “nandos” due to the interesting tile choice. It was an odd area. You walked through what was the original back wall of the house and entered into a vestibule area. To the right was a make-shift door hiding the laundry and to the left was the entrance to the bathroom.

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