Have cane chair, will spray paint! I came across three weathered cane chairs destined for the council tip, whilst out for a walk with Buddy. (Yes, I actually carried them home – what a sight). They were prime candidates for a make-over, upcycle or whatever you want to call it. It’s one of the quickest DIY projects of this nature you can do. And, that’s three less things destined for landfill. Here’s how: Continue reading


sea foamCoral has always been one of my favourite ornamental decor pieces. It’s angular and irregular features add texture and impact to any display. I have picked up replica resin coral in Hawaii as they are some of the most realistic I’ve seen. Alas, I can’t just pop to Hawaii every time I want some more. Boo. So, when a friend found this piece of sea-foam in a  beach side car park, they rescued it and gave it to me. Time for a DIY makeover… Continue reading


Linen cushions

I have a thing for cushions and am constantly buying/swapping/re-working them. It’s a costly addiction. So I decided to make my own and found it’s actually easier than I thought.  

And of course, if you change your mind and style of your lounge as much as I do, it can be much more cost-effective! Come on, dust off those Year 7, T&D skills…

(for those not of my vintage or schooling, T&D stands for Textiles & Design!)

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