original bathroom

Pretty in pink

Many moons ago, well six years ago to be exact, I attempted my very first bathroom update. It all stemmed from the fact the 1960s steel window in my unit needed to be replaced. It didn’t have a latch so swung freely in the breeze thus becoming a potential danger should it drop off its rusted hinges and fall onto someone below.

The Body Corporate arranged it’s replacement. Unfortunately, the man who undertook the work was a) like a bull in a China shop, and b) sleazy/creepy crawly. (Note to self – this is one time I wished a male friend was present). Continue reading


Aloha Inspiration

blue waters hawaiiIt’s no secret that I am obsessed with Hawaii. There’s something magical about its people, climate and landscape… and maybe a little about its shopping too!

I took this picture years ago from my hotel room looking down over Waikiki, Oahu. The colour of the water gets me every time. I often take pictures on holiday with a view to how they could work in my home. Continue reading