Hammer drills and drop saws do not scare me. Spiders do.

I like tiling, building things, ripping out walls and wearing high heels (although, not at the same time).

I cannot walk the dog without mentally renovating every single house I pass. It’s exhausting.

My obsession with lifestyle-based interiors is unhealthy – think Hamptons, a beach house on the NSW south coast, Upstate New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii… you get the idea.

In 2005, at the age of 29, I purchased my first two bedroom apartment and did some basic, low cost renovations and cheap and chic interior touches. Five years later and with a desire to adopt a dog and mow a lawn, I bought my next property, a suburban semi 13km south of Sydney city that needed major TLC and a complete interior design overhaul.

Having spent 13 years at VOGUE Australia magazine meant I was exposed to some amazing design, creative and interior influences and I wanted to continue those elements into my life.

So, this is my story, well the story of one old, multi-coloured semi in the suburbs, no budget and a determination to not be beaten. As a single girl in her 30’s, there was no husband or partner to rely on or expensive handyman to call. 

My mission is to motivate other women like me and show them that you can do it yourself! Although it’s a hard slog and can sometimes be frustrating and exhausting, it can ultimately be one of the most satisfying, not to mention financially rewarding, experiences of your life.

Here, you will find a step by step guide that explains how I renovated the house into a bright and airy home. I will provide useful tips, insights, sourcing and styling ideas, all on a budget.

Thank  you for coming along for the ride.

Kimberley – G.U.A.L

Here I am with my site manager, Buddy

Site Manager Buddy & I

A huge thank you to those who helped, encouraged, believed in me, taught, supported and nudged me to tell my story, especially over a few wines! You know who you are. x

The Tiny Print: These are my personal renovating tips and experiences. I am not a qualified expert. In anything! Always consult a professional when it comes to areas such as plumbing, electricity and structural/building work, or in fact anything that you’re not sure about. There are some things that should be left to the experts.  And of course, some tasks just weren’t physically possible without another person, so I called on my Dad to help BUT other than that, it was all me. 


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