Preparing to attack

Let me take you back… the lounge was one of the first rooms I “rushed” to complete so that I could move in. You could say its decor was quite individual. The pictures speak for themselves. But just look at her now.

After much deliberation choosing the wall colour, I still wasn’t happy with it. The lounge has since been re-painted not once, but twice. Yep, I have been known to, on a rather hasty whim, repaint the lounge in an afternoon. And it can be done. I think that’s one thing that holds people back from updating or refreshing – just seems too hard and will take too long. It doesn’t have to.

As long as you prep the room i.e., move all your furniture off the walls, cover the furniture, allow easy access with a ladder and roller extension pole and don’t mess about! Just get on with it!

So, here’s the lounge in its latest state… considering all that really happened in this room was staining the floors and painting everything, it looks so much different – brighter, fresher and definitely more me. As always, it’s a WIP and I’ll continue to update cushions, add and remove decor but that’s what’s great when you have a fairly neutral base.

I hope you like my little snug… complete with a coffee table I made from my parents’s outside loo door! But that’s another story.




Here’s the before and after





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