House FrontAfter freshening up the paint work and adding new wood trims, it was time to do something with the “drive”. The pavers, whilst serving their purpose perfectly, were too hectic and just not me. So they had to come up. Luckily, I had enough of the 40x40cm pavers I’d removed from the backyard to re-pave the area, with plenty to spare.

At this stage, it was about transforming without spending much money and those transplanted pavers (at a saving of around $9 each) did just that. In time, I’m sure I’ll update again.

IMG_1189With grand visions of a criss-cross grass inlay between the pavers, I set about laying them all out. It was labourious. AND in due course I was to learn how time-consuming the upkeep of that formation would be. But for now, I was not to be convinced otherwise. After a few games of trial and error, the pattern was eventually laid out with the all important strips of grass!

Next was a front fence. The front yard was completely open to the footpath and road. As crazy as it sounds, I felt very exposed and you’d be surprised the amount of rubbish that wound up on my doorstep. Not that the fence was going to stop it all but it would give me some protection and also clear definition of my property.

It would also mean a slightly tighter parking angle but it was worth it. I bought two pre-made picket fence sections from Bunnings and also got them to cut the posts to size for me. Easy. All that was left was lining them up, concreting the posts and attaching the rails. Fiddly but not the hardest job. (Dad had painstakingly painted everything white during the week so they were ready to go, bless.)

picket fence

One up, one to go… oh plus the gate.

front fence

Fencing myself in plus the start of my new step in the background

IMG_1932 copyThe step up to the verandah was just made out of a few pavers and wasn’t really the right height. So I got rid of it. In its place, I built a new brick step foundation. I then sourced a bull-nose concrete step which was in keeping with the house. I had to travel to get it but the guy cut it to size for me and it wasn’t that expensive so well worth it. I then bought high gloss black subway tiles (all 10 of them) from Bunnings and tiled the base. It looked fabulous and was a darn sight prettier than what was there (check out first shot), if I do say so myself. Weirdly, it’s one of the little jobs/changes I’m most proud of. I love that little step.

And then she was almost done…..







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