My Very Own Nandos


Doorway created in the original back wall of the house

Let me talk you through the back “lean-to”, or what became affectionately known as “nandos” due to the interesting tile choice. It was an odd area. You walked through what was the original back wall of the house and entered into a vestibule area. To the right was a make-shift door hiding the laundry and to the left was the entrance to the bathroom.

To get to the back door and out onto the deck, you had to do a dog leg left. It was closed in, plain uninviting and blocked-off the backyard to the inside. And did I mention those tiles??


The view as you walked through the original back wall of the house

So one of my firsts BIG spends on the house was to rip out the window and door and replace them with French doors . I called in the experts for this job. It took less than two days for Bob the Builder (yes, that’s correct) to rip everything out and fit the new doors.


IMG_0378The effect was immediate. That closed in little area hadn’t changed in size, but it appeared so much bigger and there was much more light coming in. The deck was more easily accessed and if you had more than a few people around, the bottle-neck in the vestibule area was no more. It was a huge change for less than $1500. Money well spent.



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