Time is a precious thing and certainly if I had more time, the second bedroom would have received much more love than it did. But with a move in date looming, I stuck to the basics and made it as habitable as possible. It is what it is and sometimes, you’ve just got to go with it. Much like the dining room, it really needed complete stripping back. But aside from re-plastering a patch of wall where the coat rail was stuck (it removed the plaster back to the bare brick) and replacing a rotten floorboard, my main tasks were stripping back the trims and painting.

Bedroom #2

The dodgy (and sticky) coat rail.

The poor window had been subject to layer upon layer upon layer of paint and it took some fierce heat gun action to get it back to the raw timber. You’d get a great run where the paint would blister and lift off beautifully then a section where nothing was going to budge.

Bedroom #2 window

Settling in for the night with my trusty, paint splattered reno cd player

note to self: when using a milk crate as a seat, use a 
cushion! I was obviously too engrossed...
Bedroom #2 test patches

Colour test patches and the old gas connection. The fan control was to go.

The house retained most of its original features including the gas outlet as you can see from the shot above. I decided to remove the 1970s fan and replace the spotlights, located on the sides of the room, with down lights. That way the beautiful original ceiling plaster work would not be obstructed. As the previous colour was a very dark shade of buttercup I decided to give it a quick run-over with a white paint to subdued the colour as I was painting the room a light grey. All the trims were primed for their white gloss finish. The chosen colour for this room was another Resene colour called Iron. Ta-da!

Bedroom #2 paint colour

Fresh and light – the new colour, Iron by Resene


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