As enticing as orange “Tang” floorboards are (not), I made the decision to go dark. Firstly the ancient carpets needed to be ripped up. It was dusty and stinky but that was the easy bit! On hands and knees I then had to yank out every single staple left behind in the boards. 

After doing this and much to my proud DIY-er disappointment, my move in deadline didn’t afford me the luxury of then sanding and staining the floors myself. 

Each and every nail in each and every floorboard needed to be hammered in below floor level and puttied before the sanding belt was even turned on.

It took master-sander Jack and his trusty team of two a full week to complete the five rooms and hallway.

The newly sanded original floorboards - pretty good condition considering their age

Original floorboards stripped back – Great condition considering their age

Newly exposed boards in the lounge

Newly exposed boards in the lounge

There was a slight language barrier between Jack and I, so we spent a rather amusing and expressive afternoon trying to nail the colour I was after. By the look on his face, he thought me mad when I kept telling him to go darker. Although not as chocolaty as I would have liked, the results were still gorgeous and certainly a vast improvement on citrus city.


Jack (rocking print on print) and an assistant working the room

Dramatic difference in the [now] dining room.

Dramatic difference in the [now] dining room.

NOTE TO SELF: No matter how lengthy or frustrating always push for your  vision with tradesmen. It's your home, your design, your dollar. Whereverpossible, don't compromise.

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